Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Oh, hello.

So, I started a blog. Top 5 Reasons why:
  1. As of now, all you can find on me on the web is an embarassingly empty linked-in profile and an embarrassingly robust facebook profile. So it seems like a good idea to document my life in a somewhat substantial way. Or at least one that is free of incriminating photos and inappropriate commentary...or at least I'll have more control over them.
  2. Last year I lived in Brasil, and I kinda wish I would have blogged about it (though I ruled it out as way too cliché at the time). To prevent a woulda coulda shoulda at this time next year, I'll try it. Though '09 def wont be half as exciting as it will surely involve many fewer caparinhas, brazilian bikinis, and moments of cultural and self discovery. Sorry.
  3. Alexsweet.com (the fabulous blog of my almost famous cousin)
  4. Some people have told me I should start one. I don't know whether it was meant to be taken as a compliment or offense. I'll take it as a challenge.
  5. It's sorta embarrassing that I don't have one yet. As blogging is what we call a "large social media trend," it's one of those things I prob should have got in on about 5 years ago. At least. Better late than never I guess? Here's to hoping I'm not sooo late that blogging will become extinct before I become a world famous blogger.

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