Monday, January 12, 2009

Family Dinner

Last night Gee hosted the second consecutive family dinner. Promises of the two Adam's as co-chefs for a dinner of homemade lamb meatballs and brussel sprouts yielded an outstanding 100% return rate from last Sunday. Solid. So we gathered to eat this sophisticated feast out of impressive gold plated china, on a fold out beer pong table while listening to
wildly inappropriate rap music and drinking Coors Light. Highlight from dinner (other than Erin's delicious 7 layer bars) was Berto's review of a recent concert by Bon Iver "He's a fat lumberjack singing falsetto, with Michael Cerro on the slide." After further discussion his conclusion was "The best way I can describe this band is it's a mix between Sarah Palin and Third Eye Blind." I'm sold.

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