Sunday, January 4, 2009

Irish Goodbye'ing SF.

This sucks. I normally would throw a huge party for myself with an obnoxious theme and invite everyone I know in SF (and lots of people I don't know) to celebrate my coming, going, coming of age, or whatever. But as Dary said, you can't throw a goodbye party where more than half of the invite list won't have seen you since your welcome home party. True story. So, instead, I had an intimate goodbye dinner, in the same location with mostly the same attendees as the welcome home dinner 3 months ago. And that's it. Somehow with less people there, it was more sad. Maybe with a larger group the emotion would have disappated. But instead, after 2 hours of tacos and the requisit stop to the Cougar Den a patient cab driver waited 20 minutes on Washington b/w Franklin and Gough as Neva and I sobbed and sniffled into each other's peacoats. Boo.

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