Sunday, February 15, 2009

I love technology

Even though I work in technology and spend 95% of my waking hours hooked up to it, there are still those occasional moments that make me go OMG I loooooooove technology. The latest occurred for me on Friday around 4pm when I heard that lovely melotic someone-is-trying-to-vid-chat-you song and I tabbed over to my gmail and accepted a video chat from Mom. Then OMG there were both my parents sitting next to eachother in that very familiar seating that was, yes, a PLANE! "Hi Nat- we're on Virigin America-and chatting with you!" I clearly distracted my whole team by blowing the chat up full screen and insisting they all come over and check it out, screaming "OMG my parents are on the plane and videoing me!!!!"

They were somewhere over Ohio 30k feet in the air and with a video connection that was as crystal clear as if we were in the same room. Pretty f'ing neato if you ask me. On the flip side, there is part of me that hates the slow addition of internet on planes-- there was something nice about having to disconnect for a full 6 hour trip to Cali...a nice excuse, not to be doing work, to be unreachable. Guess those days are over.

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