Monday, March 9, 2009

gchat convo of the day

Alex: I checked your site to see where your staycation took you this weekend...
ikea counts
it's like going to sweeden

True. I practically did go abroad- had to cross a wide body of water (Hudson), to a foreign land (Jersey), accompanied by my parents in a vehicle that looks like a spaceship (Prius). The dollar is clearly a whole lot stronger there (since when are slipcovers $11.99 USD?), and the 3 hours I spent inside def felt longer than most family vacations. We came away with a couple of decent finds, a lot of nausea and a $1 dollar frozen yogurt. Here's a pic of the living room furniture with Sveeden's finest slipcovers that cost less than a pizza in Manhattan.

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  1. How'd you fit all that stuff in a Prius??? can you ask Paul and Daph if I can borrow that Marry Poppinsmobile to move across the country? Thanks....