Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Saturday's Staycation

Rather than sit around at a boozy brunch or play rock band at someone's apt (typical Manhattan Saturday afternoon activities), this Saturday we decided to get off the island and venture out on a staycation. After too many obnoxious jokes about whether we needed passports or vacinations for our off-island adventure, we arrived at the Bedford stop on the L, which was, actually, 15 minutes away. First stop was the Brooklyn Brewery, or "The Heinken Factory," which was in fact a lot sweeter than the college infested tourist trap in Amsterdam. Think outdoor beer garden, meets frat basement, meets barn. Basically big open space with beer making equipment (I assume?) in the background, lots of tables ful of plastic cup pyramids, people playing cards and drinking games, etc. We sampled the local brews, reminisced about our real European adventures Jr year, invited strangers to join our flip cup game (must have been the vacation attitude), and took touristy photos. Unfortunately the brewery closed at 6pm (are you sure this isn't a foreign country?).

Stranded with nothing but our blackberry's as our guides, we decided to call a real live local: Justice Hampton, who met up with us at a Mexican restaurant where while local families enjoyed dinner, while we played a rambunctious game of Shoulders, which may well be the most impossible drinking game. Despite trying very hard (evidenced from my focused frown), I sucked, and consequently sucked down too many margs.

We all made it home in one piece by 8pm, and vowed to try a new borough or state every weekend. Ambitious. All in all, quite a nice staycation by all accounts.
Maybe it's not the location but a state of mind.

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