Monday, July 27, 2009

Back from my Blogging Hiatus

So I've been getting some criticism and even some publicly broadcasted shame on my facebook wall for my Internat hiatus, so I'm going to attempt to turn over a new leaf and start updating again. Since I last wrote I've been quite a busy bee surprising people at birthday parties and graduations on the east and west coasts, spreading good karma, getting locked out of my own bathroom and experiencing crabs for the first time. I may go back and write more about the last couple months' escapades but for now I'll just start at the present.

I've been flipping out a lot recently with my new cam and this is my fav footage so far. After a lovely afternoon of sunbathing, frisbeeing, racial profiling and playing kadima in central park yesterday, a monsoon hit Manhattan. With 4 cross-town blocks to run, we stripped down and hit the streets. It was glorious. Luckily the flip cam survived....the only casualty was my cell phone which drowned in a puddle that formed in my bag.


  1. Thank goodness you are back at the blog! (Hot legs.) xox

  2. I was seriously about to comment on your legs as well when I saw kit's posting (great and pervy minds think alike). Where can I get me some of those? Between mile 4 and 6 of your daily run?