Thursday, August 6, 2009

Favorite Places

Shameless self promotion: 2 weeks ago we launched Google Maps Favorite Places. Basically we asked local experts and celebs in NYC and SF to create MyMaps to show their favorite places on the map. Video here. We then created custom maps pins for each celeb. We launched it with a bomb event at SF City Hall, where Gavin Newsome spoke and I stood outside city hall and greeted people coming to the event:
For every person that asked me where the event was, I got at least one city related question such as "Where do I go for Jury Duty?" and "I'm looking for a birth certificate for my daughter..." Classic.

To thank me for my work on the campaign Ji (lead designer on the project) made me a custom pin:
Which basically sums what I do on my team: spirit/resource fairy and bartender?

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