Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Alex, take 2

Previous post was my first attempt at updating the Internat from my iPhone. For some reason even though I was able to upload a video to YouTube (video of sick SF streetdancers), I was unable to edit a body of text. Weird.

In any case, it was indeed the birthday of Miss (soon to become Mrs!) AY Davies yesterday and that was cause for celebration. As it also fell on the day before Molly and Seton's wedding, it was spent touring Sonoma and wine tasting with 75 of their guests, our oldest/newest closest friends. Ideal. I took the spotlight from the bride for a moment to embarrass Alex with a mini cake which we promptly devoured in this wine cave.

The afternoon was pure bliss, and unfortunately we made the foolish decision to take a quick catnap at 7 (before our 7:30 dinner reservation)...I woke up at midnight to find the birthday girl had also slept through her birthday dinner and had ventured out for Thai food alone around 9pm. We ended up perving wedding blogs and dreaming up DIY projects for the Hodgins/Davies wedding while cuddling with Fateous, the enormous teddy bear that was part of the hotel's "celebration package." Oh and Alex asked me to be a bridesmaid- YAY!

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