Friday, October 9, 2009

OMG More craft-envy

I found this a couple weeks back linked somewhere from apartment therapy and forgot to post it. This is like, total and complete craft/apartment envy. When I grow up, I want a room like this. No kids allowed, they'll have to have their own one so they don't ruin my perfectly color-coordinated sequin and button racks.

As Emily suggested, we should have one of these in the compound. (Compound is how we refer to the future heavenly culdesac/estate preferably in Marin, containing a good sized house for each of our 10 friends and their families, in addition to a shared clubhouse, pool, gameroom, craftden and kitchen so we can all cohabitate and live happily ever after. Kinda like a co-op but with less hairy armpits and more manicured lawns.)

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