Thursday, October 8, 2009

Return to Technology

Just returned from 8 days sans internet, sans tv, sans cellphone, and even sans toliet...a family rafting trip in the Grand Canyon was the true vacation escape. It was pure bliss and full of fabulous views, exciting rafting, delish food, peeing in the river, drinking wine from travel mugs and lots of family time. I went to bed before 8 every night under the stars, without even a tent. Kinda made me want to move to some small town in the west and live in the wild.
I was quickly shot back into reality on Monday night when we were picked up by a motor coach from the river and driven to Vegas--well maybe Vegas is not reality either, but you get the point. I want to go baaaaaaaaaack. Many photos courtesy of Paul here. Here's how every night was spent:

Lucky for me, Alex is visiting this week so I am not suffering from Post Vacation Stress Disorder.

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