Monday, November 9, 2009

Fall Treats

I again got on quite a craft kick this weekend, which was just in time for the visit of Kate Daly, my former SF roomie turned art teacher. I was inspired by my maple leaf punch to punch out some fall colors and make some cards:

The great thing is all you need is a couple colors of construction paper and this punch. I made the brown leaves by punching through an old paper bag. Possibilities are endless! Maybe they'll be one in your mailbox soon ;)

In preparation for Lara's shower, Kate and I also made a couple wedding shower cards....My concept, Kate's creation:
And after a fabulously exhausting day on Saturday watching Lara ooooo and awww over every kitchen appliance you can imagine, I played bake with whats in your fridge and whipped up some tasty carrot cupcakes. I used this recipe but cut it in half, didn't add nuts and baked for only 25 minutes in cupcake trays. Highly recommend it.

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