Wednesday, November 11, 2009


There must be something in the water at Goog-- every time I go to the micro-kitchen there is yet another pregnant woman, joyfully popping M&Ms or cereal to her hearts' delight and talking about not being able to see her toes anymore.... LUCKY. I wish I had an excuse for visiting the microkitchen hourly (and not being able to see my toes?) Anyway, I'm def sticking with Goog till I get pregnant, if for nothing else but to take full advantage of all benefits: 3 months maternity leave, waiters-on-wheels credits for your first month at home, limitless candy within reach, and of course the mac-and-cheese bar at Hemispheres cafe on the 8th floor.

In any case, my team is no exception. Stuart just had baby Rosalie and my coworker, Jenny in SF appears to be getting bigger by the day (and it's not just the Video Conference camera that adds the pounds).
Yesterday we got a shipment of white Onesies and some paint markers to decorate and ship back to the SF office for her baby shower. Cute idea but paint markers pretty much bleed and make everything look like the baby decorated it themselves. Instead, I took some Onesies home and used ribbon and button scraps (yes, I just have this stuff lying around my house), and a hotel sewing kit to turn these Onesies into little Funsies! Clearly these baby related projects have not helped my already borderline disturbing obsession with little humans.
It was SEW fun, I'm thinking about getting a machine.

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