Friday, November 20, 2009

In Preparation for Turkey Day....

I've been, unintentionally, stretching out my stomach so I can consume as much as possible on Thanksgiving.

It started with a lovely (I-can't-believe-it's)-Goodbye dinner for Tori who is moving back to the Best coast to be with her fiance. Tiny person, huge loss. I will miss her terribly. Here she is in my kitchen, for the first, and hopefully not last, time:

The meal was brought to you by the food processor-- I made both hummus and pesto in it! What a magical appliance. It was accompanied by a roasted squash (god do I love a mutant f'ing squash) salad from Tory, crumbs cupcakes brought by Stephie, and too much wine from our guest of honor. Though I am forever faithful to Billy's Bakery, Crumbs are quite delightful and the fact that they are mini makes sampling 6 flavors more acceptable (point, Crumbs).

I swear the Goog chefs always know when I'm in a fat/hungover mood. Today at lunch proved that Google still thinks (knows?) that the way to their employees hearts is through their stomachs. They served Pasta Breadbowls....a concept I have only ever heard of from Dominos. I must admit that I've been curious about these carb lovers dream bowls before, but could never bring myself to say the words "Yes I'd like a pasta bread bowl" to a human on the phone. Well luckily at Goog, I didn't have to say a thing...just line up with the rest of these soon-to-be-heartburned Goog employees and lift this (at least 1 lb) bowl of regret.....
And yes, I ate it. It was as decadently good as you imagine.

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