Friday, January 15, 2010

First Trip to Michaels

So sorry I have been deliquent. This is NOT how I wanted to start out the year and I promise to make it up to you my loyal readers and friends. Last week was insane at work, and I was also on the Blue Print Cleanse. Basically, no food+ too much work = no blog posts. Sorry.

So the story of last weekend started with a Saturday AM trip to Michaels. I've been dying to make my maiden trip up there since Yasmin tipped me off a couple weeks back. As you can see from above photo, I did not hold back. This store is the best reason I've had to move uptown since the free pool in Central Park.

After purchasing my life savings worth of stickers, paper and punches on Saturday, Sunday night Tory, Steph, Mira and the surprise west coast Tori came over for Valentines day cards. Basically, it looks like love threw up in my apartment.

And yes, I am aware it's a month out, but I am as quick to move on to the next holiday decorations as CVS.....Stay tuned for details on my purchases and creations. And of course, watch your mailbox ;)

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