Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Weekend Recap

I have been overcome by guilt for my delayed and infrequent posting. So here goes the weekend. Fri night got to see Molly and Seton and had a chili night at Pat's. Molly and I did the drinking, Pat and Seton cooked up the hottest chili north of the Mason Dixon (or however that saying goes). It ended in a drunken game of "5s" at a lower east side dive with a dozen theta delts that I may or may not have known in my past life.

Saturday was the much anticipated "trip to the country" to visit Erica. Ever since Yas, Erica and I have been doing dinners in the city, we have talked about venturing off the island (gasp)..to Connecticut to see Erica's digs. So after at least 2 dozen planning emails, we settled on a date when the city girls could visit our future MILF friends (Eric and Meghan) in the burbs. Lizzy decided to surprise us last minute and drove from Boston so it was quite the gathering.
The day was a dream, and brought me straight back to high school days. Not only because Fairfield is the Wellseley of the Tri State area, but also because we spent most of the day crusing around town in an SUV, stopping at the candy store to catch a sugar high, and snacking/gossiping while seated on the floor in a well decorated living room (this time it was not our parents'). I also brought a rolling duffle full of craft supplies as the girls requested a creative activity....
I came back to the city after our glorious day in the suburbs and had a miserable 24 hours. I got sick, decided to run the sunday morning half marathon anyway, focusing 100% of the time not barfing, finished it but had to walk the last 2 miles, and spent the rest of Sunday in bed.

I did manage to drag myself over to Adam's for family dinner, though I unfortunately was not able to indulge in the fabulous roast chicken, salad and "these are quite possibly the best" potatoes. But it was still lovely to spend the night in sweats, cuddling with the family.

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