Friday, February 19, 2010

The celebration continues...

Had a fab morning yesterday and the day just got better. I was pleasantly surprised by my team at 4pm with a life sized natroid:Yes the droid is throwing balloons, confetti and Michael's gift cards. They know me well...

They also strayed from the classic (and dare I say overdone?) birthday cupcakes and ordered a cookie cake. Excellent choice!
Then headed up to TGIAF for some beer tasting and flip cup (what? at the office? yes, I know: Google is great/I'm probably getting fired)
Then went to a delish din at Yerba Buena Perry with some special ladies. Chelsea sent us this fabulous desert, and Mom and Dad the wine...could life get better?
Apparently it could: Lauren arrived at 11pm to meet us for drinks at Village Tavern. If yesterday has anything to do with it, this year is lookin good.

1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday!! So sad I missed the festivities... :(

    p.s. let it be noted now that for my birthday, i want a Katdroid!!!