Wednesday, February 17, 2010

You earned it, girls. (LA Recap)

For my birthday din in LA on Monday night at Katsua (DELISH), there were several emails sent beforehand about whether it would be internat worthy....It would have made it even before desert, but when this cake came out it was a slam dunk.

Here are the rest of the ladies who partook in that fabulous oh so LA dinner. Not included was Ricki Lake, who Emily spotted in the restaurant, and I wanted to invite to join us...
This girls early bday din was the finale to a fabulous LA weekend which began on Friday night. I was greeted at the airport by Garz and her new man, and then whisked off to heaven--the Wagner casa on the beach in Ventura. I spent the next two days there with Lauren, Nick and Ryan.
We spent the next two days lounging, bike cruising, grilling, napping, running and surfing all the while soaking up the perfect Cali weather. Here's my sweetheart serving Valentine's breakfast on the deck.
I also taught the group some Intensati and did some warm up exercises pre surfing!
Unfortunately the only time I was standing on a "surf board" was in our dry land training:
It was still an awesome adventure, despite spending the majority of the time being thrashed in the waves rather than riding them. After a picnic with the Wagner and Caswell fams, we hit the road and headed to LA for Alex and Pat's fabulous Valentine's Day Party.

I added flare to everyone's outfits and it turned into a dance party. Here's me and my Valentine:
I spent Sunday with the lovely Mrs. Taylor at her AMAZING new castle in Santa Monica. Luckily, she offered me either to move into one of her guest rooms (yes, there are multiple), or to pay my first months' rent in LA. Sounds IDEAL. Faced with another sickly perfect day (80 and sunning in Feb?!), we headed to "The Bu" (malibu) to relax on the beach and dream of days when this will be a weekly occassion.
The weekend was, well, what dreams are made of. I love you Cali, and I left wishing we all could be California girls....

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