Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rainy Day Blogs

Since it's raining it's pouring and I'd rather be snoring, I'm not writing my own post today (or for the past week- whoops!). And I've been saving these awesome blogs for a rainy day and, well, here it is! Here are my coworkers' blogs. They are both designers so naturally more interesting, artsy and pretty than the Internat.

1. Wear Today My coworker, Ed launched his blog this week and it's rad. It's called wear today and he illustrates his outfit every day. He's talented. Good news is, if this whole Google thing doesnt work out, he can always get a job drawing paper doll clothes-- doncha think?

2. Scanwiches My nextdoor deskmate Chonko has a pretty famous blog called scanwiches. And as you may guess, he scans sandwiches. I get kinda grossed out cause it makes me think of mayo (ick!) but if you like sandwiches its quite nice.

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