Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rabbit Rabbit

Happy June 1st. Today signifies two very important events:

1. It's officially after memorial day: and it's fair game to pull out the white pants, shorts, capris, skirts, jumpsuits and whatever else. (Paisley and seersucker are also officially in season and highly encouraged.) I think it also means it's appropriate to put neon nail polish on your toes...but would request that someone more stylish than myself to verify.

2. (did you really think I'd forget?) It's Neva's Birthday! So this has been a very important day to me since we met in the 6th grade and became bff: she was too cool for school in her purple doc martins and I was wearing limited too spandex and matching headbands. No idea why she friended me, but thank god she did. The most memorable Neva birthdays were spent at Water Country where we celebrated every June in middle school. Ah to be back at Water Country today sporting a one piece speedo and riding the pludge.....Happy Birthday Love, hope your birthday is more exciting than water slides and cotton candy!

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