Friday, July 9, 2010

Time Flies

Since I've spent much of the past month flying (virgin america, duh), there is no surprise that time has also been flying and the internat has suffered. Wah wah. Hopefully many of you have been traveling and making merry themselves and have not suffered the normal depression that comes with an internat outage.

In any case, since my last post I've been in the states of Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Vermont and California. Becca and I pulled a father's day surprise at Post Pond and had a typical relaxing Schwartz family weekend: ping pong, reading, cooking and 40 miles of biking ("the best father's day gift ever"). I then headed out and spent the past 2+ weeks in California, enjoying the coldest winter I ever spent (aka Summer in SF) and being a serious student at the Wharton Marketing Academy. I finished off the trip celebrating our countries independence/becoming Dupree for a long weekend in Santa Monica at Casa Taylor. And of course, I couldn't agree with Katy Perry more: California girls are unforgettable; and it was a joy to see them all.

However, I'm now back in NYC and excited to kick it here for a couple weeks before wedding-palooza in August. That's it. Boring post, but I had to brake the ice and come back from my silence somehow. I'm cookin' up some fun projects and activities for the next couple weeks so don't fret- the internat will heat up.

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