Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm Bacccccck

Sorry. I'm back to fill you in on a couple of things, and then hopefully pick up blogging more regularly.

1. It's spring in NYC. This makes me VERY happy. There are birds chirping, I got the bike tuned up, there's a skip in my step and I went outside with bare legs yesterday. GREAT NEWS. If you don't live here, come visit now, it will make you want to move.

2. I went on an incredible vacation to Three Jewels Retreats in Puerto Vallarta for some yoga, surfing and R&R with Lauren. I simply cannot speak highly enough about it-- I got hooked on surfing, back into Yoga, a nice tan and some amazing authentic mexican food. Going back next year for sure. Here's what Yoga looked like every morning:
3. I'm officially on the market for a new job. Please forward any potential prospects my way. I'm taking the month off from Goog to look both at new jobs at Goog and outside. Holler if you have some ideas for me (or if you want to play hooky and hang out during the day and pretend to be funemployed like me!) In the spirit of job searching and self-promotion, I have seen this poster several times in the subway:
Maybe I should just print my resume on poster-sized hot pink paper and start papering the subways? Or print it on a sandwich board and hire some homeless man to wear it on the corner of 23rd and 8th?

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