Monday, November 23, 2009

Pre-Thanksgiving Craft-a-thon

I came back to Boston this weekend since Ms. Goldman(Foung) had decided to make a pilgrimage (pun intended) to the east coast for the pre-holiday week. Jess, Kit, Kat and I decided to spend all Sunday doing crafts. First order of business was to make a diaper cake for Kit's cousin:
Might just be the cutest one yet.

I was about ready to start on hand turkeys when Jess introduced me to creating Indian vests out of paper bags...apparently, this is a common Thanksgiving craft in west coast (or should I say vest coast?) Jess created a lovely outfit for herself, as well as the baby. Hopefully Kit's cousin will pop her out by then.
I know, totally looks like leather, right? Recycled, gravy-absorbent and recyclable...the ultimate Thanksgiving garmet.

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