Wednesday, February 11, 2009


This is the worst news since the discontinuation of Domino Mag.

From today's SF Gate:

Organizers of the annual Bay to Breakers race, a 12K-run that starts at the Embarcadero and ends at Ocean Beach, have announced that this year there will be a major crackdown on the drunken, costumed revelry that trails the real runners.

For 97 years the race has traversed San Francisco -- most recently trailed by thousands of intoxicated (and often naked) participants pushing festive keg-toting floats.

This year, there will be a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol and all floats, according to a news release from sponsor ING.

This is terrible, horrible, no-good news. So many great memories from that race, especially the notorious Noah's Arc year, when we were interviewed by the paper about why our arc broke completely before mile 2 and Dusty told them we were Cal Engineering students....

However it does make me feel a little better about not living in SF anymore.

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