Monday, February 9, 2009

You know you're fat when...

Neva sent me this site today which upon clicking brought me to hysterics at my desk: And I mean live, audible LOL'ing, not just haha'ing but I mean ROTFL.

Not sure when the phrase started but here are the best picks from the results of "You know you're fat when" search in my gmail (names withheld, duh):

  1. "you stumble into ray's pizza at 1:30am and the man behind the counter says, "hey, do you work around here or something?" to which you have to awkwardly reply, "um, i live across the street." this comment comes about two weeks after another man behind the counter kindly informed you, "hey, we deliver you know, you don't have to come down here all the time," during another drunken binge."
  2. "you go to law school admit weekend, and sign up for the "Gastric Boston" tour of local restaurants (not the campus tour, not even the tour of the Sam Adams brewery). Mmmmm, clam chowder. "
  3. "you eat sausage and a chocolate crossaint for breakfast. nothing says 'get your day on' like 12,023,293 calories"
  4. "someone sends out an announcement that his daughter will be selling girl scout cookies in the office next week and you block off the time in your agenda"
  5. "This AdWords ad appears next to my corporate email account...and yes, these are targeted ads...clearly they observed my Google 15."

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