Monday, April 20, 2009

Big Month for the soon-to-be Dr(s) O'Malley

Voicemail recieved 8:54pm: "Oh hi, it's Kit, Call me back...I have to tell you something!"

When you're 25, recently accepted into residency in Boston and a recent joint home owner with your fabulous boyfriend of 3 years there was no doubt what that SOMETHING means. ENGAGEMENT! Horrrrrrray. I was smiling as soon as I heard the message, and have barely stopped since. I'm so excited for Kit and Ryan.

Kit's luck never does cease first she got me as freshman roommate (luck or fate?), got into UCSF, met her Dr McDreamy and
just two weeks ago bought a house in Boston! Here's a photo of them toasting to their new place just a couple weeks ago...can't wait to toast with them to their engagement.
And clearly I've already started plotting the Boston based shower...

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