Tuesday, April 7, 2009

9th Wheel Weekend in Beantown

I bolted home again (when is Bolt Bus going to come out with the frequent bolter card?) since Kit and Ryan were staying at 205 Highland searching for housing in Boston. Parents were out of town sadly, but I felt less guilty stalking Alex and Pat and eating out, so at least there was that. Saturday night was one of my favorite's in recent memory, spent 9th wheeling it with 4 of my fav couples: Alex and Pat, Kit and Ryan, Molly and Seton...and Joey and Gee. Here's a nice photo of the bromance that ensued:

Luckily Joey had brushed his teeth with some high quality flavored toothpaste for all those close moments (this is a real photo from Joey's bathroom-- paradox of choice much?).

Clearly it was a sober evening full of table drumming and champagne to celebrate the fact that Kit and Ryan's bid was accepted on a condo in JP! Yikes, we are getting old. Sunday was a taste of spring- beauuuutiful and sunny, and we soaked up some sun on the steps of the new Newman-O'Malley residence and enjoyed a stroll down Newbury. Sometimes I really do love Boston.

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