Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring Training Recap

I've been delinquent in posting about last weekend's Team Spring Training trip. There are no words that can sum up the delight found in that glorious Valley Ho hotel. The weekend went something like this.

Friday night: Mexican catch up dinner followed by being hit on by some awkward locals, trip to 24hour store to purchase alcohol and ice cream, 9 girls in a tub (photo taken by concierge who we asked to come up for the photo shoot), everyone passes out early.

10am: Down to the glorious pool for breakfast and GoBananas frozen drinks. Make friends with 24 deep bachelor party.
11:30am: Voluntarily kidnapped on party bus to Dodgers game with bachelor party. Screw the Giants game.
Noon-2: Back at Circle K buying booze for the bus, bus debauchery, lots of singing. "These guys are the male us"
The afternoon looked something like this:

4-6: Return bus ride including dance off.
6-7: Hot tub cocktails at the Valley Ho.
7-?: Eating our weight in room service and passing out.

Did we make it out all weekend? Nope. Was it the best weekend of my life? Definitely.

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