Monday, May 11, 2009

"It's raining awesome"- CVM

This week is full of good news. Apparently engaged is the new single (I'm the last to catch on, as usual), and it's spreading faster than Swine Flu in Mexico. Ashlee and Matt got engaged on the beach in Santa Monica, in what sounds equally as picture perfect as the eiffel tower and a vineyard in Napa....what's next, on the top of the empire state? I am as happy as can be for this Yale Law super-couple!

In other excellent news, Harvard Business School finally realized they were IDIOTS for making her wait any longer and let Kat L. (full name withheld so as not to be Google-able) know that she was accepted into the 2009 incoming class! This makes me happy because a) it was her first choice and she should get whateva she wants cause she is a genius and b) the east coast exodus is continuing. I'm sure she will be very happy there, since the ratio of men to women is about 70/30. And of course we all know that Kat loves her sausage. (Sorry, that was inappropriate.)

So seems like a lucky couple of days for the Team. Since the chances of me a) getting proposed to or b) getting into an Ivy League grad school this week (and by "this week" I mean "ever"), are zero, I think I'll try to capitalize on my friends' good luck and enter the lottery. Or drown myself in Malbec. Or both.

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