Friday, August 7, 2009

Activity Kick

They say NYC is a concrete jungle but in this summer I've discovered there is a lot more than concrete to be enjoyed.

Aside from standard biking, running and rollerblading on the Westside Highway and kicking it on the Highline, I have discovered several other lesser known freeeeee outdoor activities this week since the weather has been glorious.

1. There is a FREE POOL in central park (please keep this a secret because its not even crowded!). No strings attached, just show up, lock your stuff up and jump in. Discovered it with Emily on a morning ride last week and finally wore our suits and got our shit together to go this morning. It was rad (except for the sketchy locker room and the fact we forgot to have flip flops and might get atheletes foot or other ftds). And yeah, we flipped it. Emily did mad laps while I splashed around in the shallow end with the elderly. Here's the ride home video which is a lot prettier:

2. Last night I finally fullfilled my NYC summer wish to get on a boat. Unfortunately neither T-pain nor Adam Sandberg were on it....and it was a sea kayak. But that was made up for by the fact that it was completely spontaneous (I stopped when I saw a "free kayaking" sign on my run). Sea Kayaking in the Hudson is not exactly thrilling as you have to stay between two piers and there is a lifeguard man that whistles and screams if you get too far out. So really it's more like kayaking in a pool than a river. But whateva, I was on a boat. Don't you ever forget.

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