Monday, August 10, 2009

I Suck at Photoshop

Lucky me got to go to Photoshop 1 class today at New Horizon's Computer Learning School. (Thanks Sergey for providing full reimbursement for such fab professional development programs). It proved more useful than the videos and was actually a pretty sweet intro to the PS3 (as such seasoned users as myself call it), and even if I can't make anything legit, at least I will understand when people on my team talk about layers, CMYK and gradients... which is more than I could say yesterday.

I got to go with Kron (Allison Kronick), which was an added bonus/distraction. We both did really well paying attention while our teacher demonstrated how to turn a picture he took of a corvette (which he called the "vett") in a parking lot into this dazzling image:
I must also mention that for the first 3 hours I thought the "vett" was part of the photoshop lingo meaning something like base image....Really. After 6 hours in the classroom I started to feel like an antsy 6th grader and started practicing my skills by making really professional looking images of Kron and sending them to the Creative Lab to show off my new skillz:
To which she replied:

Anyway, I'll be installing that program on my machine STAT and hopefully creating some more worthy images shortly. Lookout, Ed.

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