Monday, September 14, 2009

Wedding season, completed.

This weekend I headed out to Tarrytown to watch my 3rd (yikes) Winsor friend of the summer lock it up. Despite mediocre weather, Erica and David's wedding was a huge success, thanks to many a DIY detail.

Highlights included the ceremony turned comedy hour with running commentary from the Rabbi: "Do you come here free of reservations?" without letting Erica answer she proceeded "Why that's a silly question isn't it!"

The choice of food was also incredible with mac and cheese balls (I'm going to try to replicate these at home) as apps, and I much prefered ice cream sundae and cupcake bar in place of traditional cake...especially because she gave everyone their own scoop!
Erica was the most calm and happy bride, carefree as can be- which of course was the best part of all! And that's it-- no more wedding posts (at least til January).

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