Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Spooky Sweets, Part 1

K so here is the first post to explain the state of my apartment. It started on Saturday when I decided that with Halloween approaching and my seratonin levels dropping faster than the leaves, baking would be a quick attitude pick-me up. After all, baking is the intersection of crafts and sugar, which, I think you know, are two of my greatest passions.

First thought that came to mind were my favorite old fathful, crowd-pleaser recipe for sugar cookies frosted with royal icing. But these cookies are quite a project-- you've got to make the dough, wait for it to refrigerate, roll it, cut it, bake it, make the icing, wait for that to refrigerate, color it, and frost the cookies. Yikes--I managed to do it all but I started Saturday afternoon and finished Monday at 2am. (Post on that coming soon) Not exactly the quick fix I was looking for.

While waiting for my sugar cookie dough to freeze on Saturday afternoon, I started out scouring for some treats that I could make in the meantime. I found these fabulous Candy Corn Sugar Cookies that looked festive, easy and included candy corn: check, check, CHECK!
I started out just making the vanilla variety cause I didn't have any cocoa powder on hand, but picked some up later in the afternoon and made another batch. I also used autumn mix rather than just candy corn because it is even more festive, has greater variety, and, well, I love Indian Corn. They only take about 30 minutes (10 minutes to cook per batch) and you don't even need a mixer. Fab. I can't wait to reuse this recipe and sub in Christmas corn!

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  1. Hi, sorry I'm stalking you. Also, I'm sorry that the above blog post is only encouraging me to do it more.

    I may go over to Chelsea's after work today & eat some of her cookies. Your blog is great!