Thursday, October 29, 2009

This post is GOLD!

A couple weeks ago while running I wondered what it would look like to paint pumpkins....these are the things I think about while running, really. I decided that I've gone a bit overboard on the green and yellow in the apt, so why not throw a little bling in it, right? I got some gold spray paint at Home Depot (best store eva) and I've been waiting all week for the rain to stop.

It was finally clear this morning and so I anxiously set up shop (cardboard box) in my outdoor workshop (fire escape). Loves it!

I used painters tape to tape up the stems so it looks a little more organic (who am I kidding). I also tried putting stickers on the pumpkins before I sprayed them to preserve orange lettering. This didn't work as well as I'd hoped...when I took off the letters some paint from around them came with it, so it wasn't the cleanest lettering, but what do you expect? Still kinda cool, I made this one for outside my door:
Best thing about spray paint? It dries in 30 minutes, and everything you touch is GOLD all day (if you don't wash your hands). Boy, do I love Decorative Gourd Season!

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  1. nat, hilarious... so are you staying for halloween? I got my hamburger costume last night....