Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Week Recap

I am finally back in NYC after 9 days in Beantown for an extended holiday week. There were so many visitors and fun times-- it's too hard to recap, and I'm still in a turkey coma.

Here's what I did in no particular order: sit on the couch, eat turkey, make a card, watch the office, make thanksgiving centerpieces, talk about vaginas (x5-- thanks for choosing OBGYN, Kit), play ping pong, go out to dinner with the family in Chinatown and the North End, go to power yoga with Rebecca, eat dinner with Kit and Ryan (x2), buy a new camera, eat just one more bite of stuffing (x36), supervise my dad in working on my requested woodworking projects in the basement.

Here's what I didn't do: sunbathe, eat chicken tendons, lose weight.

I will post more pictures of my projects later but here's the best thanksgiving text message I received- I am so thankful for iphone picture messages....

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