Sunday, December 6, 2009

Martha Madness

The launch of Christmas is in full effect. I've been so busy decking the halls of Goog and the Apt that I have barely had time to deck the internat with my creations. Here goes:

This weekend I went to the Martha Stewart Holiday Craft Fair (aka: MILF heaven) at the MSLO headquarters-- conveniently located 3 blocks from my apt. Coincidence or fate? I waited in line with thousands of other craft addicts to check out all sorts of goodies. To be honest, the crafts weren't any different from your typical run-of-the-mill craft fair. But I loved this woman making paper quilled snowflakes:
Of course there was also an immaculately decorated tree and an exhibit of the crafts featured in the December issue of Martha Stewart Living Magazine. I obviously had to get a photo. They weren't selling many of Martha's products, but I did pick up a big snowflake punch and they even threw in a free Christmas CD and t-shirt with Martha's head on the better believe I'll be sporting that while whiping up Martha's craft and cookie of the day delights.
Inspired by the being in the presence of craft-genius, I headed back to Santa's workshop (my apt) and crafted up this Jingle Bell Wreath using bells from the dollar store, and an old wire hanger. (inspired by martha of course).

I'm pretty pleased with the turn out....Stay tuned for more holiday goodies tomorrow!

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