Friday, December 11, 2009

Top 10 of the past 10 days

Holy moly it's the holidays and I've been so busy with merriment that I have TOTALLY neglected the Internat. Apologies. Pour yourself a cup of eggnog and relax, here's the top 10 of the past 10 days.

1. I decorated the Google conference room with 3 dozen ornaments hanging from the ceiling, a mini tree, and plenty of tinsel. All purchased with 21 dollars cash at the dollar store, which I have disturbingly visited more than twice since I last blogged. It looks especially festive through the video conference lens, so anyone that happens to VC with us is, like, jealous. Totally jealous. we' Sorry.
2. Apartment 2J--that's J is for Jolly-- is crafted out. I used the same recipe from my halloween cookies to make Christmas cookies.
And of course I packaged them up with as many red, green and white printed papers boxes and ribbons as I could find.
3. I've gone BELListic. I've made bell wreaths, earrings, and used them to tie packages...everything is better with bells really.
4. I saw a very merry Mary Poppins with Kaitlin.The music and set were to die for. Though they did leave out the penguins which were always one of my favorite parts. In any case, it was a jolly holiday with Mary, and really, overall a supercalifragulisticexpialadoious experience.

5. We had our team holiday party, "A Dealthy Carnival Christmas" at Death and Co. (a speakeasy) and Carnival (a carnival themed bar, complete with midgets, games, and people on stilts). It was quite a hit- highlights including our director Andy doing a roast of every employee while we stood on chairs, followed by near disaster when Leslie threatened the jerk in the dunk tank and he threatened to call security. Unfortunately I won nothing, but pretty much everyone else won stuffed animals, live fish and other treasures
...including this 9 foot long stuffed snake, which was an excellent limbo rope and is now a permanent fixture in the office. The "wanna play with my snake" jokes are getting a little old....

6. I saw the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall, and let me tell you: they don't call it a spectacular for nothing. Those Rockettes were un-be-lievable. Nothing says Xmas in NYC like watching these life sized barbies throw their legs up 1000 times in unison. I'm going every year.

7. I ran the New York Road Runners Holiday 4 Miler in Prospect Park on Saturday with Kronick. My little mini-me was quite a star in her first race, despite the fact that she had butterflies all week and the temperature was in the toasty 20 degrees on Saturday morning. Santa Hats make excellent running headgear....
8. Lara moved to town and threw Alberto a surprise birthday dinner on Saturday night. It was probably the best surprise entrance ever. We saw he and Adam walk into Dos Caminos and we started a slow clap at our table, Adam followed along and of course so did Alberto, thinking it was just some randoms in the restaurant. He ran to the back slow clapping all along and then was shocked to find that the slow clapping table was actually people he knew! Classic Berto.
After a round the table "my favorite Berto moment" storytime and too many tequila shots, we hit up Rolf's, which very well may be the most festive bar in Manhattan. With litterally thousands of ordaments and lights hanging from the ceiling and walls, there is no other way to describe the sensation other than saying, it feels like you are inside a Christmas tree. We enjoyed the decor almost as much as our conversation with Neil, who had been drinking since 8am at Santacon. Here he is with the birthday boy:
9. Sunday I threw a cookie decorating party for the Stanny 05 gang.
Many things came out in our frosting. 1. Taco is excellent with the pastry bag 2. Kaitlin has trouble "decorating cookies that don't look realistic" I really pushed her out of the comfort zone by frosting a tree purple.....Here's a collection of the cookies we decorated.
10. I got a Christmas gift from Google that I am not allowed to blog about but can't wait to play with.

That's all for now, folks. Momma's coming to town tonight for a few nights of fun. Can't wait!

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