Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jen and Hal's Cookie Press Package

Horray! Hal (finally) popped the question to my little, Jen over Christmas break (yes this is delayed, sorry). To celebrate their engagement, I created some cookies with this Message-in-a-cookie set that Jen gave me for Christmas. The set comes with individual letters, and you are supposed to slide them into the gingerbread man, snowflake and ordament cookie cutters. However, I just used the individual letters and pushed them by hand into heart cookies (purchased at my Michael's binge)
Pressing in each letter by hand was a labor of love...and it took me more than one "NEJ" and "LAH" to figure out how to make all the words and letters go in the correct direction. They did come out a little off center and imperfect, but the result was still pretty good for my first try, if I do say so myself ;)

I then packaged them up in a little cookie box which I had in my craft drawer, duh, and sent them off. I added the card below that I made with my new embossed diamond ring craft punch (Martha Stewart Crafts at Michaels, obvi), and it was quite a crafty little engagement surprise.

I'm definitely going to experiment some more with these imprinted cookies, since I really don't think I've seen them before. Perhaps there is a market for them? I could call it CookiePress Perhaps?

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