Monday, February 8, 2010

Supper Bowl

I convinced Adam to host the super/supper bowl party provided that Gleason and I cater/decorate. Sold.

Erin (aka the young barefoot contessa) went to TOWN and made homemade pulled pork sliders, mac and cheese, 7 layer dip and calzones. I mean, she prepared enough cheese and pork products to kill someone. My favorite were the sliders:
They were delicious and, well, devoured. I am not even going to include a recipe since Erin started on the pork preparation on Saturday night and it involved at least 10 spices and 7 hours of cooking. You could smell it in the lobby of our building all day. (PS: did I mention Erin moved into a one bedroom downstairs a couple weeks ago? UM, HEAVEN!)

Clearly I was not up for competing on the main course, but I was put on D&D duty: desert and decor. I stole a decor idea from Martha and using a green table cloth and colored electrical tape made this field/tablecloth.
For desert I finally found some oval pans at my favorite neighborhood shop (the 23rd street 99 cent store), made the football brownie (center). In honor of my favorite peanut-butter loving foreigner, I also made some peanut butter-chocolate oatmeal squares. They were covered in a layer of chocolate (clearly I needed a brown colored desert), and I put peanut butter in a ziplock to make an ad-hoc pastry bag to pipe the lines. Here's the peanut butter football:
Aside from the food, I paid a lot of attention to the commercials, cause, well, nbd but I was involved in making one of them. Everyone bet on the football scores... and several friends bet on the quarter I would fall asleep on the couch.
(3rd quarter)

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