Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Whole Loaf of Love

If you haven't already been harassed via email, chat, text, IM, or, heaven forbid, in should know that I am running the NYC half marathon in support of Stoked Mentoring. I'm trying to raise at least $1,000 dollars, and thanks probably to many of you reading this blog, I am almost there! (If I'm not thanking you, maybe you should donate?)

In any case, in my solicitation email I offered a homemade "loaf of love" to the first 5 donors. This killed 2 birds with one stone: it incentivized people to donate quickly, and also gave me something to do for the weekend. That is: when I wasn't making football shaped desserts and sleeping. Best reply to the email: "Genius. Who doesn't love kids, and anything with chocolate chips?" Well, I may not be a marketing genius but I do my audience....I got half-way to my fundraising goal the first night.

They are full of love...inside and out.
The loaf of love theme worked pretty well for valentine's day as well...And, to those of you who have not donated yet, here are the loafs..and yes, the offer still stands.

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