Monday, March 8, 2010

JEANious Birthday!

Since we'll be in on National TV (PS: Set your TiVo for Friday's Martha Stewart Show) and flying to Scottsdale on Erin's actual birthday this Friday, we celebrated this weekend. The theme was Canadian Tuxedo-- though, in fact, this Jardy was in the USA....

The night began at my/Erin's place where we got the jardy started and getting decked out. I made my headband with jean scraps, and a "Jardy Girl" crown which Erin deemed too much (her hair looked pretty sweet) to wear. Whateva, her joots surely made up for it. Kait looked straight out of an 80's sitcom in my mom's vintage Wrangler jacket and I borrowed a jean dress and pulled out the full length "jench" coat from Jess's birthday in SF:At Bills Bar and Burger, we got to applaud all attendees costumes over pitchers of beer. From cutoffs to Weans (white jeans), to vests, to Linsday's jean jumper, we were pretty impressed by the costuming. As usual, Alberto's arrival was highly awaited, and he did not disappoint in jean capris and a jean blazer with shoulder pads:
Best story was Lara recounting Berto getting dressed-- "so he comes out of the room in the blazer and capris and is like 'should I wear the white shoes or the brown? I mean, I don't want to look ridiculous!'"

We then headed to 675 bar, where we were joined by many more jean-clad friends. Full pictures from the night are here. The night ended, as many of Erin's birthday nights do, at Japas.
Jardy on.

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