Monday, March 29, 2010

Martha Approved, Stanny Family Agrees!

Friday night, Family Dinner with the Stanny gang resumed after a long hiatus. Ever since the Stanny Fam heard Martha say "This one's my favorite!" to our Lamb Tacos, they've been dying to try them. So Friday night Erin and I invaded Berto's kitchen and roasted up 3 racks of lamb tacos, while sipping on Lara's fabulous mango margs, and eating at least 3 avocados worth of Ballew's guac and salsa.
It was couples night at Family Dinner-- we cooked for Kait and Shine, Berto and Lara, Adam and "The visitor" (Sarah), Taco and Calzo, Ballew and Becca:
The tacos were a unanimous winner...though since everyone was at least 2 margs in by the time they tasted the winning dish, standards may have been slightly lower than Martha's. Whatever, we'll take it.

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