Monday, March 22, 2010

The week of AMAZING.

Apologies for the Internat outage-- I have been too busy winning cooking competitions on national TV, celebrating 5 hot bachelorettes, learning about the 5 c's of marketing at the Google Wharton Marketing Academy, and running 13 miles through the streets of Manhattan, to blog. I know, it's possibly been the most crazy amazing week of my life.

I will attempt to update starting with the most recent activities since they're freshest in my mind. After a weekend in Scottsdale, and week in SF, I returned to NYC and brought the spring with me. It was GORGEOUS all weekend-- and I spent close to all waking hours outside. Walking, running, or otherwise making merry.

Saturday I checked out the Brooklyn Bridge (awesome) and had Grimaldi's pizza (over-rated).
After a fabulous fresh pasta dinner cooked by my live in girlfriend/wife/housemate/mom/chef, Erin, on Saturday night, I was stuffed with carbs and ready to run this town! Erin and I ran the whole way together, on a perfect 55 and sunny day. The course went through the park, times square and down the westside highway...with fabulous city views, bands and spectators along the way. This was the most fun half marathon I've done yet (and also my fastest time, woo hoo!)

Here's my favorite spectator with me at the end:

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  1. Ha! The Road Runners have you down as 91 years old and coming in first in your age group at the NYC Half. You look good for 91. LOL! Great time in any event. Congrats.