Monday, March 22, 2010

Martha, Martha, Martha

How can I even begin to explain how thrilling it was to be on Martha?!? I'll try but there are really NO words.

Lucky for me, we got a last minute ticket so my mom could be in the studio audience. She arrived the day before the show to help me finish sewing the aprons, pack for Scottsdale, put together the bachelorette goodies, make a gift for Martha, and of course, find the perfect outfit for my TV debut. She was THE perfect assistant and the experience (which she calls "Jumping with the Stars!") would not have been complete without her. Photos here.

We arrived at the studio at 7:45am, and from the moment the receptionist wrote our names on those "MARTHA" branded name tags, I could hardly contain my excitement:
We were taken to the green room where we hung out with the other teams, and put on the embellished aprons, courtesy of the amazing selection of grosgrain ribbon at MJ trimmings. Lindsay's BF, Erik, had got us a little surprise-- chef's hats!
We decided not to wear them on the show...After half an hour of bouncing and grinning, we were taken to get hair and makeup. No big deal, just sitting around getting my hair done next to Amy Sedaris....
My goodness what a thrill it was when the show started!

Somehow we managed to make the lamb tacos (which we practiced 3 times the week prior), while being filmed live in front of a crowd of brightly clad middle aged women. I think we were kinda the crowd favorite....must have been the aprons and the way the makeup artists made us look like stepford wives. It was totally surreal: lights, camera, live action AND all the while trying to prepare a meal without cutting a finger off.

The producer told us "I want a price is right ending if you win"-- and that is what she got. I was jumping up and down like.....well, myself.
Then we went home and watched the show on TV and went out to celebrate Erin's birthday, and our big win. Best day EVER. I realize that I use that phrase a lot, I'm kind of the girl that cried "BEST," but this time, I'm serious. It HAS NEVER BEEN nor will it EVER BE better than this. How's that for a bold statement.
And of course, if you missed the show-- the video is here!

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