Friday, April 23, 2010


View from stage of Hair
I had been pretty excited about seeing HAIR, this month's Broadway date with Alex, and I feel let down. The show kicked off with "Age of Aquarius" (strong) and concluded with the audience on stage dancing with them to "Let the Sunshine In" (strong), but nothing in between was memorable. Oh except for the part when Alex kicked me and whispered "Wake up, they're naked." At which point I opened my eyes to find that yes, the entire cast was butt naked on stage. Though that may sound enticing to some of you, there are cheaper places to see (better looking and less hairy) naked people.

On the way out, Alex pointed out that how many times I fall asleep is a good way to rate shows- so far of the shows we've seen together here's how they've preformed on the Narcoleptic Natty Scale:
  • Avenue Q- nodded off a couple times, stayed out for no longer than 5 mins at a time
  • In the Heights- A for Alert
  • Next to Normal- Almost as Alert
  • HAIR- consistant head bobbing followed by full fledged REM sleep
I figured a musical about the happy and free hippies of the 60s would keep me awake over one about a severely depressed middle-aged mom, but alas I've learned my lesson: don't judge a musical by it's subject...

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