Monday, April 19, 2010

mini Mini-Martha

Last week between the French wedding and the SoCal wedding shower, I found some time to help out on a local nuptial celebration. Allison and I made some cookies for her sister Lizzie's engagement party.

Kron's idea was to do L and M (initials of the bride and groom). We found a great set of letters and numbers at
Bowery Kitchen Supply in Chelsea market, and spent two mornings and one evening making the dough, rollin it out, and frosting those suckers up.

Though Kron claims that she "always sucked at arts and crafts," I must admit she is surprising me (and herself) with her creative endeavors as of late. After hours of mixing and frosting, she even turned to me proudly displaying a stripped L cookie and proclaimed, "look at me, I'm the new mini Mini-Martha!"

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