Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring with the Sarthe!

Though I am a fan of the west coast and the land of no seasons, I must admit there are few seasons as wonderful as spring in NYC. There's so much to do, and everyone is outside: bbqing, walking, jogging, lounging in the parks and frolicking (ok, maybe that's just me). The light in the air is magic and there is a new bounce in everyone's step. You may even catch a New Yorker smiling at a stranger....

This past weekend was the first true spring weekend of the year, and I got back to one of my favorite warm weather activities: biking! I got the Sarthe tuned up last week and took her our for her 2010 inaugural ride. I took a spin around the park on Sat with Emily, which was great, except for being cut off by a horse and buggy and falling over...yes, I'm OK, just some bruised knees.

On Sunday Adam lead me up the west side highway and over the GW bridge into Jersey for my first time. It's quite an experience riding over the bridge, and certainly not for those afraid of heights. That thing is HIIIIIGH! Great views of the city though:

Next spring activity to check off the list: blading. Still working on Allison and Alex to buy some so I can have a rollerbuddy :)

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