Monday, November 1, 2010


Well folks, as I announced nearly 4 months ago, I'm running the NYC Marathon, and it's THIS WEEKEND. Training for my first marathon has been laborious and time consuming (it's at least partially culprit in the recent months' internat outage), but I hear it's going to be very rewarding. I'm terrified and excited, and I just want it to GET HERE ALREADY. So this week I'm tapering down my running, getting good sleep, hydrating and trying to chill the F out (which I've never been very good at!) so I'll be cool as a clam and ready to run this city on Sunday!

Also, as you probably know, I'm running it for the SLE Lupus foundation, and thanks to many of you reading right now, I've raised almost $10,000! I'm incredibly proud of this accomplishment, since it will go to help patients like my beloved friend Jessica Goldman, who I am running this race for. Jess has been fighting Lupus daily for years, and the fight continues, so if you haven't donated (or even if you have), I would SO appreciate your support to get me to my's so close I can taste it! I'm thinking every good thought and praying to ever god I don't believe in that she'll feel healthy enough to travel to NYC this weekend. And if you're in NYC this weekend, check out the official Natty spectators guide!

Do you think we can raise $10,000 AND Run 26.2 Miles this week!?!

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