Friday, February 18, 2011

Surprised and Delighted!

Surprised and Delighted is the theme for today, February 18th, in New York City. Why?

1. I woke up and, as I often am after a night of many glasses of wine, was a bit disoriented and had forgotten that my sister was in bed with me. Surprise #1, oh how wonderful it was to find her there! She had come into town for a 12 hour flash visit to spend my birthday eve with me. Horray. I was also surprised that she brought the birthday bird with her, along with some Patagucci loot. Delightful!

2. IT IS 66 DEGREES IN NY! Yes, 66. Yes, it's Febuary. Yes, I'm thrilled. Yes, I went for a run on the westside highway to start my day, and yes, I actually danced while waiting at the stop light. And sang. Oh and during my run there was a topless man on rollerblades gliding down the westside highway. I'm serious. Clearly, this is my day.

3. I got to work and after logging into my email, I went to and BAM- this is what I saw.
This was surprising-- why would Google have a birthday doodle on the homepage? (I mean, I know I'm kinda a big deal but not THAT big a deal.....yet). When I rolled my mouse over it it said "Happy Birthday Natalie!" OMG. That is QUITE a delightful little feature that seems to be only for logged in Google employees on their birthdays. Loves it!

4. I've gotten showered with love in the form of flowers, phone calls, facebook messages, emails, texts, cupcakes, chocolate cakes, and hugs. WIN WIN WIN I love you all!

Also as my team at work managed to out-do last years' celebration and get me this. WOW, this is VERY exciting.

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