Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day Card Round Up

So yeah, it's too late to provide inspiration for your card making this year, but thought I would share some of this years' creations from my den of love anyway. Because, after all, you never know when you may want to surprise someone with a heart-inspired message. Rather than focus on paper valentines, I expanded my mediums this year with some new craft tools and techniques...

The two cards below are brought to you by the glorious glue gun that has recently joined my ever-expanding collection of craft tools (thanks, Santa). It has proved it's worth not only for securing buttons and ribbons on paper, but also for repairing furniture in my apartment. Loves it.
On a side note I'm considering launching a glue gun marketing campaign called "Make Crafts Not War," with some iconic hand gun and glue gun imagery...think it has potential? prob not.

The cards below require no glue at all-- they are pure tape. Japanese masking tape of assorted colors is REALLY fun.

For much less neat project, I tried stenciled valentines over at Etsy Craft Night last week. I usually try to avoid using paint in my apt as it will likely end up on my furniture and clothing, so trying it out in Etsy's amazing craft studio was rad. I made this real heart Valentine with a stencil, then I got my thumbs dirty and created this little thumbprint heart bookmark.

Last of all of all I had to create this web-inspired card for the nerdiest of my valentines.
Ok, now time to get over vday and on to the next bday is Friday!

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  1. Are the JH and CK valentines for last year's pac10 coaching studs?